7 Phrases That Crush your Possibilities
I'm Juju Hook.

If you made it here, I suspect you're a woman in midlife. 
And whether you know it or not:

It’s your PrimeTime. 

PrimeTime women are the most viable, powerful, potential-filled humans on this planet. 
In short... we ROCK. 

PrimeTime is a space for POSSIBILITIES. 

And where possibilities are concerned, YOUR WORDS MATTER. The words you say to yourself. The words you use in conversation with others. The words you write, think, repeat, and re-hash. The way you speak TO yourself and ABOUT yourself inform your subconscious brain about what's possible for you. Without knowing it, you may be shutting down possibilities with phrases that are so common, we use them every day.

So choose your words deliberately and wisely.

Remove these 7 phrases from your conversation... 
and replace them with the language of opportunity.

And watch a new world open for you.

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Straight from the heart,

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